Periodic Maintenance Inspections are a requirement of your licence, and the frequency of such is decided at the time of application. For vehicles running on general haulage, with high usage and long operating hours, the minimum inspection period is every 6 weeks. For vehicles with less usage, or specialist haulage contractors, it is possible to extend the inspection period to a maximum of 13 weeks if justified. Again, this needs to be done with consideration, and an argued reason, put to VOSA, to change your current period of inspection. We can assist you if you require help in doing this.

There is no VOSA rule that PMI's need to be carried out by a vehicle dealership. What the law does state, is that the inspection should be done by a competent and qualified person. It may be you have your own Fleet Fitter, or mechanic, or perhaps you share a local mechanic. Of course, there are some requirements of your operators licence that a smaller facility may not be able to handle, such as tachograph calibrations, brake testing and clearing fault codes, however to keep costs to a minimum, providing you advise VOSA of the maintenance contractors you are using, that you can use each contractor for different purposes.

For instance, your local Fleet Mechanic may be able to do your weekly inspections, however, if he finds a fault he cannot remedy himself, tat vehicle could then be referred to a main dealer. Likewise, a main dealer can normally provide tachograph services. There is nothing to stop you using this approach, providing your paperwork is compliant, and all maintenance contractors are notified to VOSA using a maintenance agreement.

We can help you with your maintenance agreements, setting up your inspections with local engineers and dealerships, and advise you how best to setup your maintenance routine to not only save you money, but to ensure your trucks are legal and compliant.

Periodic Maintenance Inspections (PMI) for Heavy Goods Vehicles

As part of your undertakings when you apply for a Heavy Goods Vehicle Operating Licence, you promise to plan your maintenance and inspections for at least the next 6 months. This includes all MOT's, PMI (periodic maintenance inspections), Tachograph calibrations and checks, and any vehicle lifting or tipping equipment such as Hiabs, tail lifts and hydraulic checks.

Its crucial every operator lays out this information, in a given way, so in the event of audit, a VOSA or DVSA examiner can see you have adhered to the terms of your licence.

We can assist you by initially creating this planner for you, and if you so desire, we can send you a weekly list of what needs to be done. As part of our fleet planning service, we can also book the works with the contractors you choose, or we provide, and obtain the paperwork for such on your behalf.

Operators Licence Maintenance Planning

Fleet maintenance is crucial for any company wanting to maximise profits, whilst keeping a legal and roadworthy fleet.

Whether it be running a fleet of vans, or HGV's, our fleet planners can assist you with automating your servicing requirements, MOT's and vehicle tax across your fleet, so you know at all times your fleet is operating safely, and legally.

We can provide contractors to visit you onsite at your operating centre, or at the drivers home if he takes his vehicle home with him (for cars and vans), service the vehicle, MOT it, and return it to you washed and ready for work.

Likewise, if you already have your own service provider, we can contact and liaise with them all your maintenance requirements, from planned maintenance, to emergency repairs and recovery.

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