Our staff have all different qualifications to help you - from International CPS's, to standard CPC's and DGSA certification for ADR use.

A CPC holder is required on all standard and international operators licence applications. The CPC holder is responsible for ensuring your undertakings of your operators licence application are met and observed. Its not just a name on a piece of paper, or a person you never get to meet or talk to. Companies that offer a name only for a fee, are fine, but in the event of you being audited, or called to public enquiry, you will be met with a reference to the terms and conditions, basically saying you are liable.

If you want more than just a name, at a reasonable price, effectively, a part time member of staff, working for you, with your company, to ensure you and your company meets all the requirements you need to, speak to us

We do have a price list, but we don't publish it, simply because until we know what you need, and you know what you need, its impossible to categorise. After all, you don't want to sign up for a service, which isn't going to give you what you need and support you in the event of something going wrong..

Our CPC holders will manage everything for you, from providing you with a service planner for you vehicles, showing you how to keep records, or keeping them for you, to dealing with DVSA or Vosa examiners at the roadside or when they visit your premises for audit. For new operators, we can provide onsite or distant learning, about your licence requirements, show you step by step over the first 3 months what to do with every piece of paperwork you get, to set you up for running a legal haulage operation.

We will also work with new CPC qualification holders - we understand passing the exam is just the first hurdle, once you have the paperwork, gaining experience of what to do, when, and how, all takes time and guidance. We will happily train you over 3-6 months so you are set on a road of professional competence, to accompany your qualification.

Need a CPC holder for your Operators Licence?